Andrew D. Mellusco

Author of: Blackstone & Brenwen: The Mirror & The Meretrix

Dear Eve,

You have my eternal gratitude for taking the time to edit my work. I am glad you enjoyed reading it and took pleasure from "hearing" the words. Some have said I write in a very "visual" style. It pleases me that you understood the intention of my writing. Creating something as fantastical as Arbor, with all its laws and races and locations, would only end up being believable if I could manage to draw people into it.

Your observations about the editing required are spot on. I come from a legal background and we do tend to let our sentences run-on for an unacceptable number of words. But as a piece of creative writing I do need to give readers time to digest all I am throwing at them. As such, I am glad to confirm that I will be adopting a substantial amount of your edit suggestions.

Your kind words and helpful comments have greatly motivated me to approach agents and publishers. What was needed was a thorough edit of my work, a polished product to show my potential backers, and now I have that.

As a self-published author, I must admit I suffered from the same urgent rush to press attitude that plagues all who want to "go it alone". And while the majority of my post-sale reviews have been favorable, there were those that picked up on the unpolished state of my book. All that now changes.

With your help, I now have a marketable product and a new drive to approach agents. you are an editor who really takes the time to invest yourself in your client's books, to understand the writing, and to understand its intention. This really came through in the suggested edits and observations and made them all the more easier to accept.

You are a consummate professional and you made working on my book a priority, and for this excellent service I am eternally grateful.

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